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You don’t Want to Miss

November 24th – December 18th, 2023


Save 60% with the purchase of

Healy Professional and MagHealy Professional combined!

Double Professional Pack

December 1st – January 1st, 2024

Save 35% and get exclusive benefits

with the purchase of a Healy Resonance or higher.

Healy Resonance Edition

Healy Resonance Plus Edition

Healy Professional Edition

December 1st – December 18th, 2023

Get 60% off on

your Healy Upgrade

December 1st – January 1st, 2024

Get the Healy Coil and Animal Bundle for FREE

with the purchase of a Healy Gold or Healy Holistic.

Healy Gold Edition

Healy Holistic Edition

December 1 – December 18th, 2023

Save 40% on MagHealy Professional

and the brand-new Meridian Module.

MagHealy Professional Edition

November 13th – January 1st, 2024


Save Big on the new Meridian Module

for MagHealy.

HealAdvisor Analyse Meridian Module

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